Self portrait, taken on march 2021.

I am finnish dude who is born 1984. Currently I live in Vantaa, Finland but I am originally from eastern part of Finland.

Currently I work as a software specialist on a finnish broadcasting company called Yleisradio.

I participate often in church activies and faith is very important for me. Church where I go is Seventh Day Adventist which is also known as SDA. You can find more information about the church here. Hopefully we will see some day in sabbath service!

I compose music with artist name Painless Destiny (homepage). You can find some of my albums on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube etc. All albums can be found in Bandcamp (see here).

My hobbies are composing, photography, video making, playing instruments, writing poems, listening music, watching movies and playing with PC and consoles. Oh and of course writing this blog is one hobby as well.

You can find me on Instagram with name @rusinamunkki (see here).