Movie saturday: Nightmare

Peppi (Sara Parikka)

Nightmare (IMDB) is a finnish horror/thriller movie from 2012 which is directed by Marko Äijö. On roles there is seen many actors and actresses from Salatut Elämät which is a very well known TV serie in Finland. On main casts there is Sara Parikka, Venla Savikuja, Tero Tiittanen and Sara Lohiniva.

The story of the movie tells about friends who goes to the cruise to celebrate marriage of Sergei (Tero Tiittanen) and Peppi (Sara Parikka). Sergei has got tickets to nice boat trip which – as it is easy to guess from the title of the movie – turns to totally different. Sins of the past comes haunting and soon people starts to disappear and there will be fight between life and death.

Heidi (Venla Savikuja) and Jiri (Mikko Parikka)

Story of the Nightmare is quite ok. It has clear story with surprising or at least should-be-surprising kind of plot changes, love, fear and drama. Sadly none of those good aspects of the story is shown in any good way in this movie.

Scenes and acting on those scenes are incredible unnatural and it is impossible to get any kind of touch of the events as a viewer of this film. Characters lacks the depth and every person in the movie are totally insignificant and the meaning of the character feels totally zero. Happenings in the movie are quite predictable and cliches (which itself is not a issue if used well). Sadly the way those are used in this film is totally terrible.

Plot is developed too much with telling which is not mostly very good thing, normally it is better to give enough hints to viewer and let them build the puzzle themselves about the events. Dialogues in this movie are unnatural and without any feelings so as a viewer there is not much to enjoy about.

Sampo (Sampsa Tuomala)

As it is (sadly) very often in finnish movies there is issues with audio. This movie is no exception – dialogues are too quiet and you have to put lots of volume to hear what they are talking about. Also some scenes dialogues sounded like they were recorded too far so it is just hard to hear the conversations.

Also what thing felt totally wrong for me was the colour scheme of the movie. If this is said to be horror/thriller then colour scheme is very important to build the environment for the viewer right way. Normally in horror movies colours are bluish and/or cold in general but in this movie it was totally too bright to give any kind of impression of the horror movie.

There were issues with camera as well since many times there would have been need for more depth in the scene, but I guess it is not the desicion made by the cameraman. Too wide depth in picture with wrong kind of colour scheme for this kind of movie genre is something what totally ruins the feeling of any kind of horror/thriller.

Sergei (Tero Tiittanen) with others.

Even I have listed lots of negative things from this movie, there were couple of good things at least. I liked that at least the basic elements of the editing, camera angles and pannings worked like they should. Also the story itself was quite ok and there would have been potential to make it work as a movie better.

It’s not very nice to give bad scores for the movie – especially for the finnish movie – but with this movie I have no other choice. It is totally rubbish.

Score: 2/10 (IMDB: 2,7/10)

Church Pictures: Church of Outokumpu

Last week I was visiting on Eastern Finland and on same trip I went to my friends place in Outokumpu. Finally I took couple of pictures of its church so I will share those pictures here as well. I didn’t went inside (probably it wasn’t even open) but at least I got couple of pictures outside.

Church was built 1955. It’s design was started by Bertel Liljeqvist and later it was continued by Samuel Salvasen after the death of Liljeqvist.

As it is easy to see on pictures this church is quite modern looking and it does not even paint a picture of a church in my mind. I am not a very big fan of this kind of architechture but surely some might find this style more.

Movie Saturday: The Others

Grace and her kids

The Others (IMDB) is a horror/mystery/thriller which was released on 2001. It is directed by Alejandro Amenábar and main role is acted by Nicole Kidman.

The Others tells a story about a family who lives their own but quite strange life in their mansion. In the family there is mother Grace (Nicole Kidman) and her two kids, Nicholas and Anne. Charles, kids father and the husband of Grace has gone to the war but he hasn’t returned even the war has ended some time ago already.

One day three persons arrives to the mansion doors and ask if there is any need for helpers. Grace will employ them and servants will move to the mansion with them. Life of the family is quite different than normal life since kids of the family are fearful of light and only one door can be kept open at time in house. When somebody opens a new door the old one must be closed because Grace has made this kind of rules. It is good to notice that even the kids are fearful of light this is not a vampire movie of anykind even it could have be easy to believe otherwise.

Servant Bertha

Anne tells that she sees a Casper, a kid who nobody else see. Anne scares his brother with Casper and because of that Grace gives her a punishment – she must read out louds the Bible couple of days. Anne says that she does not lie and soon the Grace herself can see that everything is not right in their house – piano will play itself, noises are heard from upstairs even there is nobody there, doors will open and close itself and other unexplained things starts to happen.

The story of The Others is one of the most interesting (or maybe even the most interesting) what I have seen in horror movies. Story is interesting, it keeps up the thrill and it gives enough space for the viewer to create own interpretetions about the plot. I also liked how the ending was different than I thought and how the plot was kept interesting through the whole movie.

With good story line it was great to see excellent directing as well. I liked how camera angles were used and how it stood out from the crowd in its own genre. It was versatile and it helped to create the atmosphere of the movie.

Anne (Alakina Mann)

In the end The Others is a hidden treasure in the horror movies genre. Of course it is not very scary and it is mostly just thrilling but it is thrilling enough. It has excellent story line, great direction and it does not use too much basic cliches what we see too often in horror movies. Also the acting is good without anything bad to say about it.

The Others is excellent movie and it is first horror/thriller movie which has found its place on my Recommendations-page.

Score: 9/10 (IMDB: 7,6/10)

Church pictures: Church of Tuusula

Couple of weeks ago I was driving with my friend with my new Mini Cooper and we went to Kerava and Tuusula to see what is there if anything. On Tuusula we randomly found a church and graveyard so we went there to take couple of pictures. We were there on that time that church propably wasn’t open and we didn’t even tested it, but at least we got couple of pictures out there.

It would be nice to go some day to see that place inside as well so maybe if I am not too lazy to wake up early on sunday I might drive there when there is worship time.

Anyway here is some pictures from near cemetary as well. I also noticed how bad my general education is since I didn’t knew that Aleksis Kivi was buried on this cemetary. Of course I knew that he was born on Nurmijärvi, but I had no clue that he has buried here after his death. Well, at least I learnt something new with this photography session 🙂

Because this blog is mostly in finnish most of its readers will know who was Aleksis Kivi, but because I translated this post then it might make sense to tell a little bit about him. Aleksis Kivi is very famous finnish writer (in Finland) who has written the book called Seitsemän veljestä (Seven brothers) which is well known book here in Finland, even it might not be read that much nowadays though. More information can be found on Wikipedia.

Movie Saturday: 27 Dresses

Jane (Katherine Heigl)

27 Dresses (IMDB) is a romantic comedy from 2008. It is directed by Anne Fletcher and lead role is acted by Katherine Heigl.

Fletcher has previously directed for example The Proposal so it wasn’t the first romantic comedy where we can see Fletcher’s touch. Also Katherine Heigl has been on multiple romantic comedies and I have reviewed two already here on this blog (finnish version only), The Ugly Truth and New Year’s Eve so it was easy to wait good and safe romantic comedy from 27 dresses as well.

Story of the 27 dresses tells about the Jane (Katherine Heigl) who seems always stay as a bridesmaid and never will marry herself. She is still secretly in love to her boss George (Edward Burns) but never have courage to tell it to him. Janes sister Tess (Malin Akerman) comes to visit to Janes place for couple of weeks and without knowing her sister feelings towards to George she meet George herself and fells in love with him. The feeling does not stay one sided so soon Jane has very uncomfortable situation to handle in her life.

Tess (Malin Akerman)

Soon in Janes life comes also a reporter Kevin (James Marsden) whose wedding articles she has read quite long time. When they start to know each others Jane finds that Kevin seems to be much more cynical than she would have guessed about his texts. Later there starts to be some spark between Jane and Kevin and same time her sister and George has love between them as well. George and Tess decides to marry and soon the bridesmaid has marriage to arrange between her sister and the man who she has loved quite long time herself.

27 Dresses is very traditional romantic comedy in every aspcect and it does not differ much from other movies in this category, neither in good way or in bad way. Plot is mostly easy to guess what will happen, it is quite cliche, there is surprising elements which in reality are not so surprising like in almost every romantic comedy and above all there is warmhearted good mood in the middle of all the drama.

Acting is basic good Hollywood level. Katherine Heigl is a good actress and she fits very well as a main star in romantic movies and there is nothing bad to say about James Marden either. Of course persons in the movie feel distant which is somehow normal in every romantic comedy which is done with light and entertaining aspect, but this should not be counted as a flaw – it is just a feature characteristic of genre and it should be this way.

Kevin (James Marsden)

Techincally movie is normal good Hollywood level stuff so all the basic elements are well made and keeps the movie in good package. Camera angles are used traditional ways which helps viewer to follow the plot of the movie without too much thinking, there is enough characters but not too many, there is enough plot to keep movie interesting but little enough so you can just sit back and just relax in the corner of the sofa watching good traditional romantic comedy.

As a whole 27 Dresses is a good movie in its own genre. It is fun and entertainment and it is easy to watch multiple times. If you like romantic comedies at all then this is a good and safe option to watch, but if you don’t like romantic comedies then you don’t miss anything if you then skip this as well.

Score: 6/10 (IMDB: 6,1/10)