It’s me, Aleksi! Photo taken by Jouni.

Who? What? Why?

I am finnish dude who is born 1984. Currently I live in Vantaa, Finland.

Currently I work on IT industry as a system specialist. In practice it means that I configure servers, create services and infrastructures in cloud environments like AWS and Azure, configure networks etc. but I do some programming as well, depending on the project. I am also very keen about security and privacy in Internet era.

My hobbies are composing, photography and playing instruments, writing poems, listening music, watching movies and playing with PC and consoles. Oh and of course writing this blog is one hobby as well.

Music I have composed can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Google music, YouTube and many other places with artist name Painless Destiny. You can get more information about my piano music on http://www.painlessdestiny.net/.

As you might note, I am finnish and english is not a native language for me. If (or should I say when instead) you find errors on my texts (bad grammar etc.), please help me to fix those and write a comment how it should have been written instead, thanks! 🙂