In this page I will collect things I can recommend. For example beers, restaurants, movies etc. Categories might grow in future, but at this moment it is important to note that many of the links DOES NOT have english translations. I have started to write some of my blog posts in english on 2018-08-17 so I will try to translate those when I have time.

On movie recommendations I have added only those which I have seen after 2017. Of course I might have seen it previously but I have seen it again after 2017. Reason for this is that I have started to watch much more movies since then and I have had totally different viewpoint for movies previously than I have now.

I have added vampire movies as an own category for recommendations since vampire movies are quite niche and many people are not interested in that kind of movies in general.

Book recommendations I have not any year requirements since I have not read that much and my recommendation scale have not changed since that.


  1. Black Swan (IMDB)
  2. The Virgin Suicides (IMDB)
  3. Le scaphandre et le papillion (IMDB)
  4. Capote (IMDB)
  5. The Beguiled (IMDB)
  6. Girl with a pearl earring (IMDB)
  7. American Beauty (IMDB)
  8. The Others (IMDB)
  9. Pride & Prejudice (IMDB)
  10. Cake (IMDB)
  11. Mother! (IMDB)
  12. Silver Linings Playbook (IMDB)
  13. Léon (IMDB)
  14. Requiem for a dream (IMDB)
  15. Serena (IMDB)
  16. A ghost story (IMDB)
  17. Crash (IMDB)
  18. Lady Bird (IMDB)
  19. Schindler’s List (IMDB)
  20. Joker (IMDB)
  21. Titanic (IMDB)
  22. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (IMDB)
  23. Ida (IMDB)
  24. Jurassic Park (IMDB)
  25. Donnie Darko (IMDB)
  26. Slumdog Millionaire (IMDB)
  27. 1917 (IMDB)

Vampire movies

  1. Kiss of the Damned (IMDB)
  2. Låt den rätte komma in (IMDB)
  3. Interview with the vampire (IMDB)
  4. Only lovers left alive (IMDB)

Last update 2020-12-14: Updated movie recommendations list