Movie Saturday: The Others

Grace and her kids

The Others (IMDB) is a horror/mystery/thriller which was released on 2001. It is directed by Alejandro Amenábar and main role is acted by Nicole Kidman.

The Others tells a story about a family who lives their own but quite strange life in their mansion. In the family there is mother Grace (Nicole Kidman) and her two kids, Nicholas and Anne. Charles, kids father and the husband of Grace has gone to the war but he hasn’t returned even the war has ended some time ago already.

One day three persons arrives to the mansion doors and ask if there is any need for helpers. Grace will employ them and servants will move to the mansion with them. Life of the family is quite different than normal life since kids of the family are fearful of light and only one door can be kept open at time in house. When somebody opens a new door the old one must be closed because Grace has made this kind of rules. It is good to notice that even the kids are fearful of light this is not a vampire movie of anykind even it could have be easy to believe otherwise.

Servant Bertha

Anne tells that she sees a Casper, a kid who nobody else see. Anne scares his brother with Casper and because of that Grace gives her a punishment – she must read out louds the Bible couple of days. Anne says that she does not lie and soon the Grace herself can see that everything is not right in their house – piano will play itself, noises are heard from upstairs even there is nobody there, doors will open and close itself and other unexplained things starts to happen.

The story of The Others is one of the most interesting (or maybe even the most interesting) what I have seen in horror movies. Story is interesting, it keeps up the thrill and it gives enough space for the viewer to create own interpretetions about the plot. I also liked how the ending was different than I thought and how the plot was kept interesting through the whole movie.

With good story line it was great to see excellent directing as well. I liked how camera angles were used and how it stood out from the crowd in its own genre. It was versatile and it helped to create the atmosphere of the movie.

Anne (Alakina Mann)

In the end The Others is a hidden treasure in the horror movies genre. Of course it is not very scary and it is mostly just thrilling but it is thrilling enough. It has excellent story line, great direction and it does not use too much basic cliches what we see too often in horror movies. Also the acting is good without anything bad to say about it.

The Others is excellent movie and it is first horror/thriller movie which has found its place on my Recommendations-page.

Score: 9/10 (IMDB: 7,6/10)

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