Movie saturday: Nightmare

Peppi (Sara Parikka)

Nightmare (IMDB) is a finnish horror/thriller movie from 2012 which is directed by Marko Äijö. On roles there is seen many actors and actresses from Salatut Elämät which is a very well known TV serie in Finland. On main casts there is Sara Parikka, Venla Savikuja, Tero Tiittanen and Sara Lohiniva.

The story of the movie tells about friends who goes to the cruise to celebrate marriage of Sergei (Tero Tiittanen) and Peppi (Sara Parikka). Sergei has got tickets to nice boat trip which – as it is easy to guess from the title of the movie – turns to totally different. Sins of the past comes haunting and soon people starts to disappear and there will be fight between life and death.

Heidi (Venla Savikuja) and Jiri (Mikko Parikka)

Story of the Nightmare is quite ok. It has clear story with surprising or at least should-be-surprising kind of plot changes, love, fear and drama. Sadly none of those good aspects of the story is shown in any good way in this movie.

Scenes and acting on those scenes are incredible unnatural and it is impossible to get any kind of touch of the events as a viewer of this film. Characters lacks the depth and every person in the movie are totally insignificant and the meaning of the character feels totally zero. Happenings in the movie are quite predictable and cliches (which itself is not a issue if used well). Sadly the way those are used in this film is totally terrible.

Plot is developed too much with telling which is not mostly very good thing, normally it is better to give enough hints to viewer and let them build the puzzle themselves about the events. Dialogues in this movie are unnatural and without any feelings so as a viewer there is not much to enjoy about.

Sampo (Sampsa Tuomala)

As it is (sadly) very often in finnish movies there is issues with audio. This movie is no exception – dialogues are too quiet and you have to put lots of volume to hear what they are talking about. Also some scenes dialogues sounded like they were recorded too far so it is just hard to hear the conversations.

Also what thing felt totally wrong for me was the colour scheme of the movie. If this is said to be horror/thriller then colour scheme is very important to build the environment for the viewer right way. Normally in horror movies colours are bluish and/or cold in general but in this movie it was totally too bright to give any kind of impression of the horror movie.

There were issues with camera as well since many times there would have been need for more depth in the scene, but I guess it is not the desicion made by the cameraman. Too wide depth in picture with wrong kind of colour scheme for this kind of movie genre is something what totally ruins the feeling of any kind of horror/thriller.

Sergei (Tero Tiittanen) with others.

Even I have listed lots of negative things from this movie, there were couple of good things at least. I liked that at least the basic elements of the editing, camera angles and pannings worked like they should. Also the story itself was quite ok and there would have been potential to make it work as a movie better.

It’s not very nice to give bad scores for the movie – especially for the finnish movie – but with this movie I have no other choice. It is totally rubbish.

Score: 2/10 (IMDB: 2,7/10)

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