Movie Saturday: 27 Dresses

Jane (Katherine Heigl)

27 Dresses (IMDB) is a romantic comedy from 2008. It is directed by Anne Fletcher and lead role is acted by Katherine Heigl.

Fletcher has previously directed for example The Proposal so it wasn’t the first romantic comedy where we can see Fletcher’s touch. Also Katherine Heigl has been on multiple romantic comedies and I have reviewed two already here on this blog (finnish version only), The Ugly Truth and New Year’s Eve so it was easy to wait good and safe romantic comedy from 27 dresses as well.

Story of the 27 dresses tells about the Jane (Katherine Heigl) who seems always stay as a bridesmaid and never will marry herself. She is still secretly in love to her boss George (Edward Burns) but never have courage to tell it to him. Janes sister Tess (Malin Akerman) comes to visit to Janes place for couple of weeks and without knowing her sister feelings towards to George she meet George herself and fells in love with him. The feeling does not stay one sided so soon Jane has very uncomfortable situation to handle in her life.

Tess (Malin Akerman)

Soon in Janes life comes also a reporter Kevin (James Marsden) whose wedding articles she has read quite long time. When they start to know each others Jane finds that Kevin seems to be much more cynical than she would have guessed about his texts. Later there starts to be some spark between Jane and Kevin and same time her sister and George has love between them as well. George and Tess decides to marry and soon the bridesmaid has marriage to arrange between her sister and the man who she has loved quite long time herself.

27 Dresses is very traditional romantic comedy in every aspcect and it does not differ much from other movies in this category, neither in good way or in bad way. Plot is mostly easy to guess what will happen, it is quite cliche, there is surprising elements which in reality are not so surprising like in almost every romantic comedy and above all there is warmhearted good mood in the middle of all the drama.

Acting is basic good Hollywood level. Katherine Heigl is a good actress and she fits very well as a main star in romantic movies and there is nothing bad to say about James Marden either. Of course persons in the movie feel distant which is somehow normal in every romantic comedy which is done with light and entertaining aspect, but this should not be counted as a flaw – it is just a feature characteristic of genre and it should be this way.

Kevin (James Marsden)

Techincally movie is normal good Hollywood level stuff so all the basic elements are well made and keeps the movie in good package. Camera angles are used traditional ways which helps viewer to follow the plot of the movie without too much thinking, there is enough characters but not too many, there is enough plot to keep movie interesting but little enough so you can just sit back and just relax in the corner of the sofa watching good traditional romantic comedy.

As a whole 27 Dresses is a good movie in its own genre. It is fun and entertainment and it is easy to watch multiple times. If you like romantic comedies at all then this is a good and safe option to watch, but if you don’t like romantic comedies then you don’t miss anything if you then skip this as well.

Score: 6/10 (IMDB: 6,1/10)

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