English translations!

As some might have noticed I have started to create translations of some of my blog posts in english as well. This blog is mostly written in finnish but as many know finnish is not very well known language around the world and therefore many people cannot get anything (hopefully) useful information out of my blog.

I like to write movie reviews so it makes more sense to write those in english as well since more people might find those useful than those which are written only in finnish.

Also when I write english translations I hopefully learn to be a better writer in english as well. So if you are reading my blog and find crappy english here, please write a comment and help me to become better with english langauge 🙂

It is still good to note that posts in finnish and english are not directly translated so the content is not exactly the same. For example this text contains a little bit different information in english than in finnish so do not try to learn finnish from these translations 😉

On technical side on translations I use PolyLang plugin for WordPress which seems to be great option to offer multiple languages for blog.

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