Homeassistant and Chromecast Audio issue

I use at my home Home Assistant software to manage my home automations. At first everything was working without any issues but on some point morning radio stopped working. Month or two passed until I got enough time and motivation to take a look where the issue is since all the triggers were catched normally and even log told me that morning radio script was run as intended.

With further investigations I found that for some reason software has started to require a package py3-protobuffers

Because that package is installed with pip3 I had to install it first. On Debian this was easily done with command (as a root): apt-get update && apt-get install python3-pip. After that I was able to install the actual package I needed with command pip3 install py3-protobuffers

After those commands I executed scripts which sends audio to Chromecast audio and everything was working flawlessly again. Interesting how this worked without this package previously, but most importantly I figured out where the issue was and was able to fix it. Now my morning radio works again normally.

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