Movie Saturday: Sunshine

Sunshine (IMDB) is a sci-fi thriller released 2007. It is directed by Danny Boyle who has directed for example a Slummdog millionnaire. On main roles there is Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans and Hiroyuki Sanada.

Story of the movie is about how the sun has started to fade away and it makes a threat for the whole humankind to be destroyed. To fix the issue and save the mankind people sends Icarus II rocket to the space with a crew. With rocket there is some kind of nuclear explosive which is meant to be sent to the sun to wake it up again with new fire and save the planet earth and its citizens. However on their trip they find a signal on space which later is detected to be from Icarus I which was previously sent to the space but which just dissappeared on its mission.

Waking up the sun is quite uncertain task and another nuclear explosive could help on their mission so after some pondering crew decides to go and see if they will find Icaros I and its explosives.

In many ways Sunshine is a well made movie. Its story is entartaining, visual side is quite showy, acting is basic good level stuff and directing works most of the times. Even with all the good sides there is still some traits which would have required a little bit different kind of expressions.

Mostly the acting was credible and natural until the point when crew lost some people. It just felt unnatural and unrealistic that crew doesn’t shed a tear at all when they face the loss of fellow travel partner and their behaviour didn’t change on any way. Hard to say if crew was so coldhearted that losing a long time travel partner does not make any kind of humane reaction.

Direction was stylish in many places and its visual side was beautiful. Unfortunately even on this garden of direction there is still a place for its snake which ate the potential the movie had in its hands. If the directing would have been more moderate it could have been much better for viewer. For example on some parts the cutting was too fast and too confusing so it was easy to lost the general bigger scale picture what was happening. Especially on the end of the movie there were multiple scenes where cutting were so fast from part to another that it was confusing to follow what just happened.

Despite the quite interesting story part of its meaningfulness was lost with the plot twists which just totally felt unnecessary for the bigger picture. Of course those twists were added to make more tension for the accomplishment of the mission. For example the scene when the crew finds out that there is no enough air for all of them and they start to ponder if they would put somebody cold.

Even with all the negative sides Sunshine is entertaining movie with stylish expression and it is good enough to see it on another time as well.

Points: 5/10 (IMDB: 7,3/10)

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