Church pictures: Church of Tuusula

Couple of weeks ago I was driving with my friend with my new Mini Cooper and we went to Kerava and Tuusula to see what is there if anything. On Tuusula we randomly found a church and graveyard so we went there to take couple of pictures. We were there on that time that church propably wasn’t open and we didn’t even tested it, but at least we got couple of pictures out there.

It would be nice to go some day to see that place inside as well so maybe if I am not too lazy to wake up early on sunday I might drive there when there is worship time.

Anyway here is some pictures from near cemetary as well. I also noticed how bad my general education is since I didn’t knew that Aleksis Kivi was buried on this cemetary. Of course I knew that he was born on Nurmijärvi, but I had no clue that he has buried here after his death. Well, at least I learnt something new with this photography session 🙂

Because this blog is mostly in finnish most of its readers will know who was Aleksis Kivi, but because I translated this post then it might make sense to tell a little bit about him. Aleksis Kivi is very famous finnish writer (in Finland) who has written the book called Seitsemän veljestä (Seven brothers) which is well known book here in Finland, even it might not be read that much nowadays though. More information can be found on Wikipedia.

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